The Doorway to Our Advancement

"Fantastic book, a great tool, a great source of strength & motivation."

~ Yassmen Kichlu, Holistic Wellness Guru

"A refreshing account of living a spiritual journey."

~ Julia Fraser, Film Producer

"Very magical as it unfolds."

~ Harjit Kaur, Senior Lecturer


Tahira Amir Khan

Tahira Amir Khan is a technology entrepreneur who felt confined within the old world of the current, and a craving for the new.

A Computer Science and Mathematics university graduate, she worked as a technologist for global multinationals before she made her shift into entrepreneurship through technology startups. At the same time, she took on the role of Vice President followed on as President of a Singapore-based mobile communications society. So heavily immersed in the fast-paced world of business, she began to lose touch with her true Self.

It was in 2013 when she finally faced a profound spiritual transformation that virtually pushed her towards the “death” of her old Self. A divine intervention to bring her, what she calls, as the Stigmatic Zero Point. A phenomenon which included a shocking experience of receiving stigmata, and bringing her to a gradual rebirth which radically changed the course of her life.

Followed by a series of tumultuous events, a zealous unfolding impacting her life so greatly, that she began to feel that it was clearly the Hand of God intervening to relay a greater message not just for her, but all of Mankind.

The Symbolic Keys
The Secret Key
Making War Unthinkable
No Lies, No Secrets
Free, But Responsible

When we are seated up in Heaven,

GOD starts doing things through us

And with US.

The Vibrational Frequency of GOD carried with us.

And when this happens,

We become an Oracle of GOD

On Earth

We will begin to frame things at will,

And they will begin to happen,

With Earth simply

The Training Ground

We will have the Galaxies to tackle.


You have read the book. You may have experienced some changes.

Did you discover your Personal Golden Door?

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